Dem wa Facebook pleads with Kenyans to buy her smartphone

Millicent Ayuwa, a young comedian better known by her stage name Dem wa Facebook, has begged well-wishers to help her fulfill her dream of becoming a content creator by giving her a phone.

The gifted comedian, who rose to recognition thanks to her appearances on the Churchill comedy program, recently moved from Kakamega to Nairobi in order to further her career goals.

She had a hurdle, though, when her phone was stolen in Nairobi, preventing her from producing and posting her sketches online.

Dem wa Facebook is positive and appreciative of the support she has received from other comedians like Mulamwa and Victor Naman despite her difficulties.

“I was robbed of my phone in Nairobi town. Currently, I don’t have a smartphone and this makes it hard to create content.

I stay in Kasarani but I depend on making those funny skits to earn a living. The return has not been good and I have been getting small support from a few Western comedians like Mulamwa and Victor Naman,” she said.

The comedian admitted that she needed a smartphone to improve her content creation and broaden her audience.

She humbly appealed to Kenyans for help in acquiring a nice smartphone, stating that she thought it would significantly advance her career.

“I’m requesting Kenyans to help me get a good smartphone and I will be okay.” she says.

Dem via Facebook shared her present relationship situation in addition to her career endeavors, stating that she is unmarried and has not yet found a stable spouse who can support her.

“I am very single. I have not managed to find a well-established boyfriend to support me.” she added.

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