Azziad Nasenya walks out of Radio Maisha interview after question on her past

Azziad Nasenya, a popular social media figure, walked out of an interview with Mwende Macharia of Radio Maisha after being asked about her reported sacking from Talanta Hela Council.

The incident, which was filmed on the radio station’s TikTok live feed, ignited a heated debate about the limits of journalistic investigation and personal privacy.

When Mwende brought up the topic that they had ostensibly agreed not to address, the conversation took an unexpected turn. Azziad conveyed her anger right away.

She walked out of the studios, claiming that the question was improper and breached their previous agreement. She was taken aback and walked out in protest.

Mwende, on the other hand, justified her method of questions, emphasizing her job as a journalist. She contended that inquiring about the contentious termination was inappropriate.

According to Mwende, Azziad had reacted with a “no comment,” which she thought was a reasonable reaction, and she saw no need for her to leave.

Fans reacted on her move saying:

mozart_inc: Mambo Imechemkaaaa😂😂😂😂 Akwendeee huko

weight_and_tummy_lose: 😂😂😂Si angejibu tu ukweli huuma😂

chrisbingwa: I was enjoying @azz_iad laughter till you spoilt

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