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Dennis Karuri’s latest photos leave KOT thirsting over him

Dennis Karuri, a make-up artist, is trending on Twitter because to his unique fashion style.

Dennis Karuri

Karuri’s most recent photographs have netizens gushing over how stunning and elegant the makeup artist is.

He is dressed in a blue pair of tattered jeans, black heels, and a black blouse.

Dennis Karuri

His braided wig and flawless makeup complete the look.

Karuri described his first experience with make-up in a previous interview with Adelle Onyango.

In a past interview with Adelle Onyango, Karuri narrated his first time doing make up.

“New Year’s Eve 2018-2019, I got a booking, from this famous Kenyan DJ, and she had a PA who is very flamboyant and queer, who is now my friend.”

“I did makeup on the DJ, and the DJ insisted her PA needed makeup too.”

“Immediately after doing his makeup, I sat down, looked at myself in the mirror, took a brush, and did something on my face. I made it masculine, but I popped on eyebrows that were concealed and I also did a gloss, it was popping.”

“I went out and I actually was at my best. I posted a picture, and it got a lot of traction. Good traction majorly.”

Here are some tweets from KOT:



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