“Uliua mtoto wangu” – Jeff Mwathi’s mother confronts DJ Fatxo live on radio

Embattled Mugithi star DJ Fatxo was moved to tears during a radio appearance earlier today after Jeff Mwathi’s mother called him and hurled harsh words to him.

For the first time, the Di Mang’a hitmaker detailed the circumstances leading up to Jeff Mwathi’s death in his residence on February 22, 2023, after they had spent the day together.

over the Radio Jambo interview, Mwathi’s mother addressed the DJ over a phone conversation, saying she had been in too much anguish because the investigation into her son’s death had reached a stop.

The distraught mother confronted Fatxo and insisted that he had a case to answer.

“Nilimwambia mtoto wangu aende nyumbani, DJ akasema atampeleka nyumbani..so ni kitu alikuwa amempangia. Ni muuaji, na aliua mtoto wangu,” Jeff’s mum said.

“Serikali iwache kutumiwa vibaya, mtu akifanya makosa ahukumiwe.”

“Ningependa yeye ajitokeze aseme penye alimuua, na aseme chenye ilimfanya amuue,” she added.

The heartbroken mother alleged the singer conspired with authorities to avoid answering crucial questions about Jeff’s death.

DJ Fatxo argued in his defense that he lacked the financial resources to impede justice, as Jeff’s mother claimed.

“For instance, pastor Ezekiel was recently arrested, yet he knows the who is who in this country. I do not know anybody. How could I have bribed everyone from the police, pathologists, detectives and even Kindiki?” he responded.

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