Citizen TV’s Hassan Mugambi set to hold two-day wedding ceremony (DETAILS)

Hassan Mugambi, an investigative reporter for Citizen TV, is expected to marry his fiancée Mwanaidy Shishi in a Muslim ceremony called ‘Nikah’ in June.

According to a source close to Mugambi, the Nikah, or traditional Islamic wedding ritual, would take place over two days in Kibra.

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The source also stated that wedding plans are already in the works, and that the pair, who have been dating for over a year, are looking forward to the important occasion.

“The couple have been dating for over a year and are very excited about the two-day wedding. Plans are already underway,” the source revealed to Nairobi News.

Hassan Mugambi's fiancé Mwanaidy Shishi
Hassan Mugambi’s fiancé Mwanaidy Shishi

Both Mugambi and Mwanaidy have children from past relationships, according to the source, although it is unclear whether they will all live together as a mixed family.

Various factors and personal choices will most likely define the dynamics of their living arrangement.

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Mugambi and Mwanaidy made their romance public lately, with Mwanaidy posting a video on social media showing off her engagement ring.

The Nikah ceremony is a key occasion in Islamic tradition that formalizes the union of a man and a woman.

Hassan Mugambi and fiancée Mwanaidy Shishi
Hassan Mugambi and fiancée Mwanaidy Shishi

It has profound spiritual and cultural significance, representing a sacred journey and laying the groundwork for a robust and harmonious family unit.

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The ceremony, which is based on Islamic ideas and teachings, emphasizes the importance of commitment, mutual respect, and shared ideals. It is a celebration of love, unity, and the union of two people in marriage.

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