Don’t question me! Akothee visits her baby daddy in France

Popular Kenyan singer Akothee has left netizens talking after sharing a photo with her baby daddy, Markus Urs Meyer – a French national.

The moneyed singer took to her social media accounts to celebrate her co-parenting skills with Markus.

“When I am the President Of Single Mothers. Don’t QUESTION ⁉️ RESPECT MY CO_PARENTING Skills Kitambo tufike hapa 🤣🤣” Akothee wrote.


“Jua tu kumekuwa na mapunglu ,mapangla With casualties but we survived 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t copy me blindly. Mrs Omondi Schweizer.”

In a separate post, Akothee detailed how the baby daddy was upset when she took too long to meet him.

“I never knew that parental responsibility is an eternity job . A mother’s heart will never rest as long as she is still living. I left the boys to go and see my daughter’s new apartment and where she lives. And I was crying the entire journey because the boys wanted to stay with me too.

Now I have left Ruoen back to the boys and I am crying leaving the girl Alone Again 😭😭 @fancy_makadia . My constant calls to my two girls in kenya @veshashaillan and @rue.baby makes me look like an idol desperate woman who ran to settle in Europe for greener pastures,only to hit a hard rock. 🙏

My train was scheduled for 10.00 am and alerted baby daddy to pick me up at 1.00 pm, I wanted to stay a little bit more with my daughter @fancy_makadia so we canceled the 10 train And settled for the 4.00 pm , again forgot to alert baby daddy of the changes , The poor guy is at the train station waiting for baby mama to come out 💃, 👺 before I know it ,he is calling and shouting, ” you are not on this train ,” AHHH Another mess.
No I am coming at 4.00 pm.

Heeeeee baby daddy amejam, imebidi niruke kwa The next bus because we must have dinner with the boys 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 and he will not pick me up later than 5.30 because he has to pick the kids too.”

The singer recently travelled to France for Valentine’s celebration with her partner, whom she has christened ‘Omosh’.

“Valentine’s escape. Omondi Denis ordered for his wife. Omosh, you are the best out of the rest, baby. Your valentine is on its way,” she wrote.

Akothee’s relationship with Schweizer

On September 19, 2022, the businesswoman shared photos of herself and Omosh for the first time.

She has been sharing beautiful photos and videos of how they celebrated Valentine’s Day together in Paris.

Akothee’s baby daddies

Akothee has, in the past, referred to herself as an international baby mama. She has five children from three different men, two from abroad and one from Kenyan.

She married Jared Okello, the father of her three daughters, Vesha Shaillan, Rue Baby and Fancy Makadia, at the age of 14.

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The second baby daddy is a Swiss personality who she met in 2008 at a restaurant in Shanzu, according to her. They had a son, Prince Ojwang.

According to Akothee, the guy dumped her when she was five months pregnant, and she soon met Markus Urs Meyer, who became her third baby daddy.

Although she revealed she loves all her baby daddies equally, she stated Marcus Plays an active role more than the others in raising the kids. Prince Ojwang’ and Prince Oyoo are living in France with him currently.

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