“Sio wewe pekee unateseka!” – Akothee slams Omosh, offers to help him

In light of allegations that former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia, nicknamed Omosh, had lost everything, musician Esther Akothee, also known as Akothee, expressed sympathy for him.

In a post, she informed Omosh that many Kenyans were also having trouble making ends meet during these challenging economic times.

“Omosh! pole kwa yote unayopitia , hauko peke yako ndugu yangu. 80% of Kenyans are going through worse situations that they don’t even know including mental illness.

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“Omosh, do you know 70% of Kenyans can survive on their monthly salaries? People are just putting their heads on top of the water wasizame?” she said.

Despite numerous prior attempts by well-wishers, Akothee also promised to assist the actor.

“At least you know you are depressed, Omosh what is depressing you so we start by addressing it, unaona ni vipi tunaweza kukusaidia ? Ni wewe utuambie. Hii story yako tumalize tuendele na maisha ingine. Guys what’s Omosh problem? I come in peace,” Akothee added.

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Omosh denied allegations made on news blogs that he was dealing with depression.

“I am going through a lot, I don’t know if it is depression or what is happening in my life. I had been called for some jobs but they did not work, so I am stranded. I have lost everything in my life, my wife and everything is gone,” Mpasho quoted Omosh.

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The former actor claims, however, that because of his prior difficulties, bloggers have found him to be an easy target.

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