“Mniombee!” – Mejja pleads for prayers, explains why he stopped releasing music

Mejja, a Gengetone artist, has addressed why he hasn’t been releasing new music.

mejja okwonko wears red hat
Mejja pleads for prayers, explains why he stopped releasing music

Mejja has urged his fans to pray for him after the doctor advised him to take a vacation from singing owing to throat troubles, according to Mseto East Africa.

Mejja had to cancel one of his gigs in Australia in 2022 owing to a lack of voice.

“I have been having issues with my throat, When I was in Australia I had a flu and couldn’t get access to medicine and I was performing almost everyday. When I came back the pain was on and off even after taking over the counter drugs.”

He told Willy M Tuva that he did not take action when that happened.

He narrated how he get some symptoms which didn’t sound any alarm until one day when he was brushing his teeth and tried to clear his throat and saw some spots of blood.

He said he can’t shout or talk for more hours.

“Hapo ndio nilijua kuna issue. Hapo ndio nilienda hospitali. So enyewe tuseme tu throat yangu haiko poa. Shida ni nikirecord lazima nipige ile high pitch. Nimeambiwa nikae one month bila kutumia sauti. Ni voice rest, nisiongee sana, nisiperform na naenda voice hygiene therapy,” he said.

Mejja pleads for prayers, explains why he stopped releasing music

Mejja told his fans to pray for him as he feels affected.

“Waniombee yaani kwanza. Kwababu inaniaffect psychologically. Unajua mziki ndio kila kitu. So mara leo nikona sauti, kesho siezi ongea inanisumbua sana kwa sababu siezi taka ati hivyo ndio niliwacha muziki,” he said.

“My fans please pray for me, sitaki kuacha muziki, also remember to drink lots of water and avoid sugary things to avoid finding yourself this situation.”

Two years ago, gospel singer Pitson had been advised to keep off singing for a few months after his voice developed complications.

According to the ‘Lingala Ya Yesu’ hitmaker, doctors advised he should not sing for a couple of months.

“I went to see a doctor after I was unable to sing and they said I am not going to sing for the next two months because my voice is damaged,” he said.

He told Mpasho that doctors said he has been overworking his throat, which caused the damage.

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