“Subscribe to my YouTube Channel” – Kamene Goro launches own channel days after quitting Radio

Kamene Goro, a well-known radio host, has declared her future move just a week after departing Kiss FM.

On Sunday, February 5, the media celebrity used Instagram Stories to communicate with her followers.

Kamene challenged her supporters to predict the excellent news she was going to reveal.

Many assumed the revelation was about her romantic relationship with DJ Bonez, but this was not the case.

One person correctly predicted that Kamene intended to join the YouTube community and begin routinely making content.

The fan said:

“Your YouTube page is ready.”

Kamene approved the answer and told fans to stay tuned.

“Stay tuned. It’s up! The Real Kamene Goro,” she wrote.

Kamene Goro’s upcoming launch reached out to the radio queen’s management, and she revealed Kamene will do a proper launching sooner than later.

She said details about Kamene’s YouTube show will be unveiled during the launch.

“Kamene has been having a YouTube channel. She just wants to make it active. She is planning to launch something very soon,” said Charity Muringa.

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