Njugush and Wakavinye finally reveal second son’s face for the first time [Photos]

Njugush, a comedian, and his wife Celestine Wakavinye have finally announced the identity of their second kid.

Toria, who was born on August 17, 2022, has been absent from the couple’s social media followers.

As they wished their supporters a Merry Christmas, the family revealed the face of their second son. The family dog was also included in the photo.

“Mapema ndio best ya Mine and minefields. They tried to Rig sam out of this pic but I couldn’t let them. Also guys nikama Tugi and Toria weren’t feeling this vibe…..Happy Holidays,” Njugush wrote.

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The post caught the attention of fans who noticed the new face in the family photo.

Here are the reactions from fans:

kabura_migwi My homies… i like how you reveal your things without forcing it . Lovely fam

iam_maryngash Aaaawww❤️❤️baby Toria growing soo cute and handsome❤️❤️❤️happy holidays the njuguna’s❤️

winnie_wikunde Awww so beautiful,nawapenda Bure.We are praying for baby girl next round

i.am.mutuli_mutuku Am I seeing Toria for the first time

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milkah_wa_peekay Awwwww baby Toria such a cutie

dee_n_sa When we thought Tugi is dad’s duplicate then booom…..his twin is here. Happy holidays to the kimanis

rowziewambuirowzie Baby Toria stealing the show lowkey 🙌😍😍. Such a lovely family ❤️. Happy Holidays The Kimanis

carolineronoh Baby toria😍😍😍 perfect twin wa njugush,halafu sasa tugi amekuwa a blend of both parents😍😍 beautiful family, happy holidays wapendwa

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