Bahati Now Says He Was Offered Ksh 50 Million To Step Down For ODM Aspirant

Kevin Bahati Kioko, a singer, claims he was given Ksh 50 million to withdraw from the Mathare MP race in favor of his rival.

Speaking on Radio Citizen, Bahati said that all of his rivals weren’t from Mathare and had been negotiating his resignation.

“I was told I will be given a job. But I am not looking for a job, I am earning a living from my music. People have come with offers they want to pay me to step down. They have offered me millions, up to Ksh.50 million. They know that when they get to office they will regain the money,” Bahati said.

According to him, his rivals have realized they cannot compromise him and are now taking advantage of other opportunities.

He mentioned Anthony Oluoch, a deserving rival, as one of many who came up to him and enlisted his help.

“He told me to do a campaign song for him and support him. They want to use a person from Mathare to get to the people. I miss genuine friends, in politics you seat with a friend who says what they do not mean. Most politicians are not genuine,” he said.

The Azimio Coalition, which just declared Anthony Oluoch as their preferred candidate to run for the Mathare MP seat, is at a crossroads with Bahati at the time of his statements.

Bahati has maintained that he will not quit the race.

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