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Sabina Chege Now Wants Court to Block IEBC From Hearing Her Vote Rigging Remarks

Sabina Chege, a Murang’a Woman representative, has gone to court to prevent the IEBC from hearing her vote-rigging comments.

The Woman Representative claims that the IEBC lacks jurisdiction over the case because she did not declare an interest in any electoral seat in the August 9 elections.

Sabina said that the IEBC had a predetermined decision and would prevent her from running in the election if she decided to run.

Her attorneys, James Orengo and Otiende Amollo, maintained that the actions against her were brought in bad faith in order to shame and damage her reputation.

“The respondent has framed a complaint incapable of eliciting a response from the applicant, seeing as it does not mention any of the elements listed in clause 6(a) of the Electoral Code of Conduct, a violation of Article 50 of Constitution, which makes it mandatory that a charge contains sufficient particulars to enable an accused respond to the same,” court documents read in part.

Chege’s attempts to prevent the IEBC from hearing the case were unsuccessful.

“We raised five grounds as to why this matter should not proceed before the committee but they focused on one ground to make the decision on a matter they have jurisdiction on. Utterances made by Sabina Chege don’t amount to the accusations made by the electoral commission,” Orengo said while faulting the IEBC ruling.



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