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Police Arrest Suspect In Velvine Nungari’s Murder Case

Police have arrested a man suspected to have raped and injured 24-year-old Velvine Nungari.

Nungari passed on March 9 at the Kenyatta University Referral hospital where she was receiving treatment for a broken spine and sexual assault.

The suspect was arrested after Kenyans on social media demanded immediate action on the culprit. Kenyans joined the conversation about her death accusing police of stalling investigations.

“She was a waitress at a hotel and on the night she was found injured, she and a client agreed to meet up for drinks after her shift.”

“She was supposed to be joined by a friend but the friend cancelled,” a statement from one of her friends read.


Velvine’s friend who identified herself as Brenda John and who was privy to Nungari’s date with the accused said she spoke to the deceased on phone and Nungari shared details of her night out.

According to Brenda, the two spoke on January 23 at around 7.57pm. Nungari requested the friend to join them for a drink at a joint in Kahawa West. The friend could not join them since it was late.

Nungari promised to call the friend back as soon as she arrived home. She (Nungari) did not call as agreed until the following day at around 1pm.

The 24-year-old reached out to the friend and informed her that all was not well. She also told her that she was in a hotel in Kiamumbi area.

The friends found Nungari in pain at the hotel where her alleged abuser had left her. The Hotel workers the friends that Nungari had arrived at the hotel in the company of a man who was a frequent visitor.



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