In an update on her social media platform, the actress noted that a lot has been going on in her life and she has found herself doing things she has never done before.


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Brenda disclosed that in the recent past, she has found herself either drinking too much, over-eating or even not eating at all.

“Lately, a lot has been happening and I’ve been very emotional about a lot of things. My mental health has been challenged, I’ve found myself doing things I never thought I’d do

“I’ve found myself drinking too much, over eating, not eating at all, crying too much, all extremes on feelings and emotions,” she wrote.


{Actress Brenda Jons PHOTO/INSTAGRAM}

Brenda also confessed to being suicidal, adding that she has been wearing a happy face in public but she is hurting deep down.

“I’ve been suicidal and felt like I just want to stop the noise from the world in my life. I look happy, I look okay but deep down I’m breaking and going nuts. I just want genuine freedom and rest,” the actress added.

{Actress Brenda Jons PHOTO/INSTAGRAM}

She further stated that she was sharing her experience to encourage those going through the same, also noting that she will be taking a break to focus on herself.

“Why I’m I sharing this? Not for pity or consolation, no. I know it will remind someone that it’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to take a break from the world and focus on yourself

“So I’m taking a healthy break from everything, I just need to stay quiet and listen to myself and heal. I don’t know how but i know that i have genuine people in my life and i am sure things will work out for me,” she concluded.