Has He found love – Again? Omar Lali spotted with another cute lady (Photo)

Late Tecra Muigai’s lover, Omar Lali has been spotted with another beautiful lady. Speculations going round claim that the unidentified woman could be Lali’s new girlfriend. 

In 2020, Keroche Breweries owners, Tabitha and Joseph Karanja lost their daughter Tecra Muigai following what is suspected to have been a fatal fall.

Tecra was then dating a little-known man from Lamu, Omar Lali who was briefly linked to the fall that would later lead to her death.

On the morning of April 23, 2020, the Karanjas received a call from Lali, informing them that their daughter had injured herself in a staircase fall in a Lamu apartment where the two were staying. According to reports, Omar informed the parents she had been attended at Shela Dispensary before being transferred to King Fahd District Hospital, Lamu.

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