Exiled lawyer and activist Miguna Miguna on Sunday launched a brutal political tackle against Baringo Senator Gideon Moi.

Miguna took issue with Moi’s choice of trousers which he described as being favoured by gay men.

The self-styled NRM General further took issue with the Baringo Senator’s use of a symbolic rungu passed on from his late father – former President Daniel arap Moi.

Red trousers are worn by gays – Miguna blasts Gideon Moi

To Gideon Moi: Globally, RED PANTS (TROUSERS) are favoured by Homosexuals or Gay men. Carrying a “rungu” like the one which is purportedly being “blessed” in this image in public amounts to wielding a DANGEROUS WEAPON. You will not succeed to bamboozle Kenyans with rubbish,” Miguna stated in a post where he also posted a photo of Moi in a maroon trouser.

Moi’s dressing, however, was not out of the ordinary as there is a growing trend where straight men are embracing color to spice up their fashion sense.

Deputy president William Ruto is among public figures who have joined the latest fashion bug – recently wearing a bright red trouser while attending a church function.