Wuod Fibi, the luo musician who a woman with 4 Kids

Luo gospel singer Wuod Fibi has denied his ex-wife Nikita Love’s claims of sponsoring his life after their marriage ended.

Nikita claimed she helped Fibi build his career and wealth, but Fibi retracted these claims on social media and offered prayers for his ex-wife’s healing.

“The Bible says we shall speak the truth, and the truth shall make us free. And so I wrote an email, yes, after the divorce, and I said we had left each other. You felt like what I did was wrong. Forgive me. It is good to ask for forgiveness. You are moving on with your life; now we are no longer together,” he said.

Fibi continued to apologise, noting that his ex-wife pointed out that he neglected her, which forced her to do certain things.

“Nikita is a woman; she is bound to react the way she reacts. I am a man. We understand women are weak vessels, and we understand them. I cannot judge Nikita; I cannot fight her or do the things she is doing. She has posted about me for quite a long time, I hold no grudges against her, I pray for her and I pray that the God that I serve may heal her,” he added.

How did Wuod Fibi meet Nikita Love?

He also revealed that they met in 2016 and hoped his ex-wife would have the peace of mind to move on.

“It has been three years since we parted ways, being separate, trying to fix things. So we do not have to be enemies. We do not have to fight each other. We do not have to turn some people against us. Of what gain or what price? People love and leave each other. And leaving each other does not mean enmity,” he said.

Wuod Fibi noted that they had no kids and confirmed that he had no issue with either of her four children.

He recalled their first meeting and how, within one week, he had married his lady, whom he nicknamed her current name.

“I met her through a never friend I had not met. May her soul rest in peace. She later passed on. This friend was in Sweden, and she called me to tell me she arrived safely. And told me to say hey to her friend. We talked, and from there, she followed me on Facebook. That time, she was called Nyangi Akoth; I nicknamed her Nikita Love,” he said.

Wuod Fibi, the luo musician who a woman with 4 Kids
Wuod Fibi, the luo musician who a woman with 4 Kids

Fibi noted that he met Nikita for the first month, and then she flew back to Sweden and he married her the next time they met in November.

“She came back in November. We decided to get married. It was a quick one. Everything was planned within one week. I took the cows on Monday, and by Saturday, we were married,” he said.

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