“Using private jet is cheaper than using KQ” – President Ruto on the cost of his US travel

President William Ruto has emphasized that the expenses for his trip to the US were significantly lower compared to the potential costs if he had opted for a Kenya Airways aircraft.

During his journey to the US, the President utilized an A6-RJU royal jet.

In an official communication on X, previously known as Twitter, President Ruto acknowledged the concerns raised by Kenyans regarding his decision not to use either the presidential jet or a Kenya Airways flight for his official visit to the US.

However, in response, Ruto explained that his selection of aircraft for the US trip was based on his commitment to ensuring the responsible utilization of State funds.

“Fellow Kenyans, I have noted concerns about my mode of transport to the USA. As a responsible steward of public resources and in keeping with my determination for us to live within our means and that I should lead from the front in so doing, the cost was less than travelling on KQ,” Ruto said.

Ruto, however, did not state the amount he used for the hired jet and the amount he would have spent if he had to use a Kenya Airways plane.

President Ruto us trip
President Ruto us trip

A State House official had earlier told the Star the President could not use his presidential jet as it has never been to the US since it was bought in the 90s.

The official said the design of the jet makes it effective to operate in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

State House Press Secretary Emmanuel Talam was quoted by local media saying the plane could not be used as “it will have to stop five times to refuel”.

Multiple reports estimate that the cost of hiring a Boeing business jet like the one Ruto used in his visit to the US oscillates around $18,000 per hour, roughly Sh2,358,0000.

President Ruto us trip
President Ruto us trip

A journey to Atlanta, US, where Ruto first made a stop, is approximately 19 hours from Kenya, meaning it would cost Sh71,404,500 with that rate.

Earlier, the US embassy denied footing President Ruto’s travelling cost to the US.

“Just to be clear: The United States of America DID NOT pay for President Ruto’s jet to the U.S,” U.S. Embassy-Nairobi spokespersoN Andrew Veveiros told a local media house.

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