Viral nanny Rosie lands 30k job with student sponsorship in Canada

For viral nanny Roseline ‘Rosie’ Atieno, good things are coming in the form of offers. Not only did she receive a free holiday with her kids the day before, but she also received a job offer and a student visa to Canada.

Director of Vintmark Travel Agency Catherine Joe announced on Facebook that the company is offering the adored nanny a temporary position worth KSh 30,000 along with a student sponsorship Canada visa.

Conent creator Divinar Joseph stated, “Catherine Joe is looking for the viral Lebanon nanny for two offers, one a temporary nanny job renumeration starting from KSh 30,000.”


“She can work for her as she waits her Canada process documentation.Kindly anyone with contact details share.”

Rosie opens up about her life

In an interview, the mother of three opened up about her life, talking about the difficult journey that led to her departure for the Arab country.

Roseline, who hails from Siaya County, explained that she had been away from her own children for two years and was overwhelmed with mixed emotions at being reunited with her family.

“I cried because I had mixed feelings about meeting my children after two years and leaving the children I had taken care of for two years who treated me like their parent,” Roseline said in the interview.

Kenyan nanny Rosie shares heartwarming tale from Lebanon to home - The  Standard Entertainment

Explaining the circumstances that led her to leave Kenya and her three children in 2021, Roseline revealed that she had left a marriage that was not working.

In search of better opportunities to provide for her children, she embarked on a journey to Lebanon.

“I left in October 2021 and at that time I was in a marriage that was not working and I decided to go there and find greener pastures to give my children a good life,” she explained.

Despite her initial fears, Roseline prayed for a good family and her prayers were answered when she met the family at the airport.

Rosie on working in Lebanon

The immediate connection with the children and their mother was heartwarming, and Roseline described them as “good people” who are well-known content creators in Lebanon.

“The first experience with the family, when we met at the airport, the mother of the children just said ‘wow’ when she saw me. We clicked from day one,” she said.

Roseline fondly recalled her time with the children, highlighting how they filled the void of her missing her own children and expressing deep affection for them.

She invited the Lebanese family to visit Kenya and meet her children.

Viral nanny Rosie lands 30k job with student sponsorship in Canada
Viral nanny Rosie lands 30k job with student sponsorship in Canada

When asked about her stay in Lebanon, Roseline revealed, “I felt like I was at home. The only difference is that they pay me. The children appreciated me for who I am.”

Although she plans to return to Lebanon, Roseline has not set a date, expressing her intention to continue working with the family until the children are a little older.

Expeditions Maasai Safaris has since offered a token of appreciation for her extraordinary dedication by booking her family to tour the Masai Mara.

“We believe in celebrating people like Rosie whose dedication and kindness inspire us. This trip to the Masai Mara is a small gesture to honour her incredible spirit and the profound impact she makes every day,” said Pancras Karema.

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