Vera Sidika flies out of Kenya to heal heartbreak after being dumped by Mauzo

Vera Sidika, a socialite, has left the country just hours after her husband Brown Mauzo announced their separation.

A braggish Vera shared photos while in a plane with a caption that says; “Catch flights, not feelings. Guess my next Stop ✈️”.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo called it quits on Wednesday, August 30.

The announcement was proved by the singer who explained their joint decision to break up.

He spoke about it being a mutual agreement, and that they would miss their moments together.

Soon after Vera updated that she had left Kenya for another international trip.

In an edited caption on a plane yet again, Vera said she is off for another vacation

Her fans are calling it a post-breakup vacation in her comments.

This is after her Dubai trip on August 7. She was away for almost two weeks.

Rapper breeder LW asked her if she is open to a new man. He shot his shot asking

“Naskia Upo Single👀 Unaweza Mingle?”

She was open to his cute comment

“@breeder_lw …Shoot your shot 😁🚀 kuna vetting 😂”

Meanwhile, the internet is quite fascinating at the state of things between the former exes.

ednaoketch Yes ukiwa na pesa ukibreak up na mtu wako unaenda kuheal nje ya nchi🤣🤣😅😅

julsnzax Flight mama Asia nxt twende zetu tukasalamie akina Kardashians kidogo 😂😂

_savage.laurah_😂😂😂y’all ain’t ready for this she’s not here to play yaani juzi tu tumetoka dubai 😭

ednaoketch Mimi naye i will forever support story ya mwanamke kukuwa na pesa yake,sasa ingekuwa Vera ndio anajiita bibi ya tajiri akikosana na tajiri haezi ata jipeleka nje ya nchi hadi atafute tajiri mwingine ndio ampeleke🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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