“Nilijua Vera ndio shida” – Shakilla celebrates Brown Mauzo’s break up with Vera Sidika

Socialite Shakilla Tiffany has taken to social media to celebrate Brown Mauzo’s break up with Vera Sidika.

Shakilla did not mince her words on social media, when reacting to the breakup. She said that today is the happiest day of her life but warned Vera against returning to the streets. She also blamed Vera Sidika for the breakup

” This is the happiest day if my life. I knew you was always the problem even for a beach boy to leave you. I don’t know what streets you want to return to but hopefully not mines.”

The beef between the two socialites have been going on for the past few days. It all started when Shakilla advised Vera to retire from the streets saying she is too old.

Shakilla Tiffany said she is 20 while Vera is 33 and a mother. She asked her to focus on taking care of her children since there are styles she cannot handle at her age.

The mother of two did not take the remarks lightly and she responded by saying Shakilla was obsessed with her. She added that Shakilla is broke and she cannot afford her lifestyle.

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