An Urgent Plea to Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi: Championing Mental Health Screenings for Kenya’s At Risk Heroes

Dear Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi,

Mindful Kenya, a beacon of hope in the realm of mental health, reaches out with a heartfelt request, inspired by your life’s work and relentless passion for uplifting the vulnerable.

Our healthcare workers and police force stand on the frontline every day, braving emotional and physical storms to protect our beloved nation. But in their valiant efforts, they too bear the scars of mental trauma.

They see pain and suffering daily, confront life-altering decisions, and carry the weight of our nation’s safety on their shoulders. Their mental well-being, often neglected, is at significant risk.

Enter Mindful Kenya’s vision: affordable, accessible, and regular mental health screenings. With a cost of less than 100 shillings monthly, we’ve devised a system that detects early mental health challenges, ensuring treatment is timely, less painful, and affordable.

But to truly make a difference, we need the support of insurance companies – a formidable challenge without the backing of a powerful voice.

Your support not only amplifies the urgency of this initiative but also galvanizes institutions like MAKL (Medical Administrators Kenya Limited) and NHIF to play their part in this transformative journey.

This is where we seek your intervention, Pastor Dorcas. With your influence and unwavering dedication to the well-being of Kenyans, you can be that powerful voice.

By advocating for our cause, we can ensure that our frontline heroes receive the mental health support they so desperately need.

The benefits of such screenings are manifold:

1. Early Detection: Timely identification can prevent a minor issue from snowballing into a debilitating condition.

2. Improved Overall Health: Mental well-being is intricately tied to physical health. Addressing one can positively influence the other.

3. Enhanced Productivity: A contented and mentally healthy individual can function better, bringing more efficiency to the workplace.

4. Reduced Stigma: Regular screenings normalize discussions around mental health, thus gradually diminishing the associated stigma.

Imagine a Kenya where our protectors are mentally resilient, where they serve without the shadow of untreated trauma looming over them. You, Pastor Dorcas, with your legacy of empowerment and care, can help make this dream a reality.

In the words of Psalm 82:3, “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.”

Our heroes, though strong in their service, need defense against the unseen battles of the mind. Join us in this noble endeavor. Let’s ensure a brighter, healthier future for our unsung heroes.

With utmost respect and hope,
Mindful Kenya

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