UPDATE: WorldCoin App go missing, users unable to get grants

Users of the Worldcoin cryptocurrency project were on Monday unable to claim their grants on the platform after the app went down after what the company attributed to high traffic.

Grants are one-time crypto payments for anyone who joins the Worldcoin network.

However, some users who tried to access the project’s World App received ‘Can’t fetch data’ and ‘Returning shortly’ messages along with the notification; “World App is experiencing higher than usual traffic. It will return shortly, please try again later.”

Via the project’s customer support account on the X social media platform, formerly Twitter, Worldcoin responded to user complaints, saying, “The App is currently under maintenance, it will be back soon.”

And on the crypto project’s website, the company urged users to expect delays in response.

“We are currently experiencing a high volume of support tickets. Please expect a delay in responses as we do our best to address your issues. It is best if you do not submit multiple tickets at this time. We greatly appreciate your patience,” read a notice.

Meanwhile, users who managed to get their grants processed reported getting 10 WLD from Worldcoin. One WLD is currently valued at $2.07 (Ksh. 386).

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