KRG the Don’s beautiful birthday message to his daughter as she turns 20

KRG the Don as has become his norm has decided to cause some raised eyebrows after he decided to wish his formerly estranged ‘daughter’ Yvonne a happy birthday.

The musician wrote the message on his Insta Stories where he wrote; “Happy birthday Yvonne ML and MB. Mungu azidi kukubariki tele.”

The relationship between the two has taken many twists and turns ever since allegations came to the fore that the singer had an adult daughter.

About two months ago, Mama Yvonne and KRG shook hands for the first time as they sought to find the truth and put the debate to rest.

In the video shared by Nicholas Kioko, KRG accepted to participate in a paternity test (DNA test) to ascertain if he was the biological father to Yvonne as claimed by her mother.

“Where we have reached let’s go and look for a place we can do a DNA test we finish this story,” KRG said before Mama Yvonne interjected; “I don’t want you to find because you have money and you will bribe to manipulate the results,”.

However, KRG insisted they will look for a government lab to carry out the DNA test.

Later, they agreed that YouTuber Nicholas Kioko should be allowed to help them carry out the DNA test before they do a joint one.

“If I was poor, could she be here saying the daughter is mine… this thing is fishy,” KRG added.

“Kajoji Ameamua sasa tutafute Government Lab Tupige DNA Direct!!!! #MAMBOIMECHEMKA We can’t trust anyone pahali hii mambo imefikia sasa,”.

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