Umemwona Mahali? Police now looking for popular bhang seller ‘Mathe wa Ngara’

Nancy Indoverie Kizungu, also known as Mathe, is wanted for allegedly being a well-known marijuana dealer in Ngara, Kamukunji Constituency.

Following the Tuesday, August 15 arrest of Teresia Wanjiru, Kizungu—a well-known large distributor of marijuana operating out of Kariua B in Nairobi County—went into hiding.

The Anti-Narcotics Unit and the Trans National Organized Crime Unit conducted a raid on Wanjiru’s home in the Karuia slums of Ngara, where she was living, and detained her together with three other kids, according to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

The Standard was informed by a police source that Wanjiru allegedly works for Mathe, who is said to be the primary distributor of bhang and has connections in the regions where the substance is produced, Isebania, Busia, and Moyale.

Mathe has a powerful influence that has seen her stay in business without any police interference and prefers to distribute product in the slums since she has people who act as “watchmen and informants” in case of a raid.

“Nancy is a powerful individual to the extent she can influence the transfer of police officers within Parklands, Central, Ngara, and Kamukunji Police Stations as well as influence the transfer of friendly and cooperative officers to desired stations. She operates in Karuia slums within Ngara in Nairobi. The area offers her with conducive operation base since she offers an incentive to unemployed youth who provide security and act as informants in case of any police presence,” the source told The Standard.


In June 2022, Mathe was arrested with her associates and arraigned at Kahawa Law Courts where she was fined Sh525,000 before being released.

On Tuesday, the Anti-Narcotics Unit recovered twenty bags of cannabis, four cartoons of rolling materials, 173 packaged sweets, a cartoon of suspected weed cookies, and Sh13.4 million at their place in Kariua slums.

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