“Ukiona mwanaume anaenda kanisa, huyo hana mbele wala nyuma” – Andrew Kibe claims

Controversial media personality Andrew Kibe has criticized the men who attend church services while describing them as Kafukuzwis.

Kibe, who is known for his care-free opinions that are often filled with vulgarity, claimed that churches belong to women and men have no business with it.

“A man is sitting in church, Bro, you see a man in church, that man is lost. That’s a man who has no mbele wala nyuma. That’s a kafukuswi. That one has been dominated. His world is done,” he said.


“A man, bro, whether it’s your father or you see a man in church like this, that man is done. It is a rap. He has given his whole will to the women. Churches belong to women, not men.”

Watch the video below:

Andrew Kibe opens up on his life as a preacher

A few months ago, Andrew Kibe opened up on his life as a man of God and as a trainee pastor.

He reacted after photos surfaced online showing him praying and preaching among prominent pastors.

He said he had wanted to become a pastor under the tutelage of among others, his friend Pastor Robert Burale.

The Kiss FM presenter admitted that despite his plans to become the “greatest pastor that ever lived”, he failed to qualify because he was too outspoken.

He said he was not good enough and hence was not promoted to become a pastor, adding that the church pastors did not like his outspoken personality.

Trip to India

Asked what led him to change from a Christian preacher to a man with seemingly extreme anti-Christian beliefs, he said the transition happened while on a working trip in India.

Kibe said spending several years in India changed his views on religion and decided to “be real”.

The radio presenter said unlike, Christians, he found Indians to be good and humble, and admired the fact that the did not bombard anyone with their religion – an experience that changed his life.

When he returned to Kenya in 2016, Kibe was a changed man and started a Facebook video column where he spewed his opinions – mostly about women and alcohol.

He has since amassed a large audience from fans who find his view “real”.

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