“My son uses guns to shoot birds” – Uhuru explains why his sons have guns

In response to allegations that his sons own illegal firearms that the State is attempting to seize, retired president Uhuru Kenyatta has clarified the situation.

For the first time, Mr. Kenyatta has described the difficulties his family has faced recently in response to claims that the firearms were being misused by a number of Kenya Kwanza leaders.

Kenyatta claims that his two sons, who each have three guns, had to petition for them after having their security removed as soon as President William Ruto’s administration entered office last year. He said his daughter doesn’t have any.

“My son Jomo has never been interested in weapons. He was forced to apply for a gun after his security was withdrawn,” he told the Nation in an interview on Monday.

The former Head of State revealed that his pleas to Ruto administration to extend the security of his children for one year to allow them to acclimatise to the new life was rejected.

“I know there is no provision in law to extend the security of my children despite my request. I, therefore, encouraged them to apply and they followed due process. They went to DCI and even their fingerprints were taken before being issued with the licenses,” he explained.

“My son Jomo applied for three guns for his family’s protection, which are also vital in the operations at our farm, with the open safari camps, in Narok County,” he added.

“My younger son has interest in guns and it’s because of his hobby of shooting of birds in Mwea Irrigation Scheme to scare them away. They are for animals and he applied after I was out of office.”

The former Jubilee Party leader argued that it was important to get the guns for protection because his children are at risk and cannot take chances.

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