“Huwezi ongelea nchi yangu vibaya” – Tanzanian dancer threatens Khaligraph Jones

Even after rapper Khaligraph Jones apologized to the neighbors for his recent diss, the rivalry between Kenyan and Tanzanian musicians over which side produces the best crop of artists seems to be finished for good.

Khaligraph, the self-described rap pioneer also known as Papa Jones, incited a heated argument between Tanzanian musicians with comments that seemed to denigrate his neighbors, but he later claimed that his statements had been misinterpreted.

Khaligraph recognized that Bongo music is superior in an interview with Wasafi Radio, but he felt compelled to defend Kenya when the feud became viral out of a sense of patriotism.

“So in that context, if you are a patriot of course you have to hold it down for your people. If anyone brings up such sentiments you have to come out and defend. But it’s not like I have any hate for you all,” he said.

“That is why I’m apologising, that was not right. My statement was taken out of context. For the people who took it the wrong way please accept my apology.”

But Tanzanian male model and dancer Ben Breaker is having none of it.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Breaker has dared the OG to a bout whose outcome he says will settle the beef once and for all and seemingly salvage his country’s respect.

“Khaligraph Jones, I have heard you talking bad about Tanzania, you are dissing our country. You can’t talk ill of my country,” he said.

“Had I been a rapper, I would have released diss tracks and dressed you down But I’m not a rapper. I’m a model and a dancer and as you can see I’m in the gym,” he added.

Breaker said he understands that Khaligraph is also a gym enthusiast and that therefore makes it reasonable that they settle their differences in a boxing ring.

“We will have to end this thing and show fellow countrymen and fans who between Tanzania and Kenya are superior. You call yourself the OG, I want you and me to square it out in a bout,” he said as he embarked on a mock fight, throwing punches in the air.

“And it’s not just you, the entire Kenyan industry no artiste can match my game but I want to start with you as an example. Remember the name Ben Breaker, I’m coming for you,” Breaker said.

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