“Come for me if it is me that you want” – Uhuru dares Ruto, vows to defend his family

After the government removed Mama Ngina Kenyatta’s protection and carried out a raid at his son’s Karen home, the former president Uhuru Kenyatta retaliated against the authorities.

He claims that police searched what they believe to be illegal weapons at his son’s Karen house during the raid.

The President promised to protect his family.

“The fact that I have been silent does not mean I am scared. Come For me if it is me that you want,” Uhuru said.

He condemned the raid at his son’s Karen home saying the government should deal with him instead of interfering with the lives of his children.

On Financing Azimio demos, told President William Ruto to deal with real issues facing Kenyans.

He denied ever financing Azimio demos saying the government should follow the right channel in addressing the matter

Uhuru said that a government is elected to serve its people and they should focus on what is urgent rather than accusing him of funding Azimios.

“You need to address the real issues facing Kenyans, not going on top of vehicles claiming things. Go deal with issues affecting people not looking for scapegoats. When I was in power I was dealing with people with issues affecting the people,” he said.

The President said as much as he is not involved in the demos, Kenyans have a right to carry out their constitutional mandate.

He said he will not stop sup[pointing the Azimio leader Raila Odinga saying it is his constitutional right.

He said the late Former President Daniel Moi died a Kanu party member.

He said he will quit Jubilee party at the right time adding that he will not allow the current regime to force him to exit p[olitics.

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