Unadate wazee wa 100 years! Tiktoker Nyako’s online beef with Akothee escalates

Tiktoker Nyako’s beef with Akothee has escalated after the musician joined tiktok and she started referring to her as an upcoming.

According to rumors, Nyako was extremely enraged by Akothee’s insulting remarks that connected her to her former profession of prostitution.

Nyako declared that she was prepared to engage in an online conflict with Akothee while live on her tiktok platform.

According to her, Akothee ought to simply return her Facebook role model items.Apparently, Nyako never considered Akothee to be a role model and still does not.

According to her, Akothee is a lady with an excessive amount of village mindset. In her own village, she is a wealthy woman, but nobody goes in the swimming pool she built.

She said that to prove that Akothee has to much villageness in her brain, is spending ksh.100 Million on a wedding and leaving the marriage after 3 months.

Nyako said that people should never try to compare her to Akothee. She is very much ahead in life than her.

She said that Akothee wears cheap clothes from Gikomba market and she brags too much online.

In addition to this Nyako said that she is ready to be the Women representatives of Homabay, and Akothee will be under her.

She said that she is the queen of tiktok and she doesn’t fear Akothee’s threats or calling a lawyer on her.

She is ready to handle Akothee and she will show Akothee that tiktok is not her village, where she thinks that she can control everyone.

Nyako has said things are about to get messy, and her beef with Akothee is now on.

“I was scrolling, and from the videos, you can tell that I am being addressed directly or indirectly in those videos.

The president of single mothers (Akothee). I am the president of TikTok. Come with a little respect here in TikTok. We know you are the madam money. You marry even an old Mzungu; you don’t care. Come slowly. You are the brand, yes, but not on TikTok. TikTok belongs to hustlers, not for the braggarts. You don’t have money. TikTok has its owners. You won’t succeed here. Come slow,” Pilot claimed.


“When it comes to insults, I am the house of insults. I can insult you until when you wake up, you cannot find anything in your head.”

And you know for sure that Madam Boss wasn’t going to let the accusations slide and promptly reacted by warning the influential TikToker that if she kept mentioning her name she would expose her.

“I will insult you with true things. Actually, it is Akothee’s name paying your bills. You do not have content to talk to your fans about? What did you come to do on TikTok? I am the GOAT; I do not need anyone’s name for clout.”

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