“This young man is beautiful & handsome” – Prophet Kanyari gifts TikToker Tizian Sh50K

City preacher and self-proclaimed Prophet Victor Kanyari has expressed admiration for TikToker Tizian, commending the content creator for his appearance.

Additionally, the pastor has vowed to transform his own appearance.

Kanyari, who recently joined TikTok and initiated a live session where he requested monetary gifts in exchange for prayers, invited Tizian to participate in one of his sessions.

During the session, the preacher, who has been hosting various celebrities, asked Tizian for prayers regarding the theft of his gifts.

Prophet Kanyari gifts TikToker Tizian Sh50K
Prophet Kanyari gifts TikToker Tizian Sh50K

Tizian, without disclosing the identities of those responsible, expressed the need for prayers to overcome the setback and regain his success.

Seeking divine intervention, he turned to the controversial preacher for assistance.

Following the prayers, Kanyari offered Tizian an amount of Sh30,000, which the TikToker negotiated up to Sh50,000.

Subsequently, Kanyari transferred the money to Tizian via mobile money transfer. Tizian proudly shared the message as proof of receiving the funds.

“May God bless Tizian, my best friend. I love this man. This young man is beautiful and handsome. I might even plait my hair like him,” Kanyari stated while appreciating Tizian’s appearance.

The preacher also heaped praises on Tizian for his hard work that saw him acquire a car after riding a bodaboda for a long time, noting that he (Kanyari) is considering riding motorcycles.

“I will start riding a motorcycle because of you. I hear motorcycle riders are very popular. Now that you have bought an Audi!” Kanyari remarked.

Kanyari was overjoyed the day before hosting Tizian when the TikToker participated in one of his live sessions and gifted him a machine gun.

Prophet Kanyari gifts TikToker Tizian Sh50K
Prophet Kanyari gifts TikToker Tizian Sh50K

In the world of TikTok, a machine gun is valued at 500 coins, which is equivalent to Sh1000.

Ever since that moment, Kanyari has become a familiar presence on TikTok, consistently creating content and engaging with his growing number of followers.

Infusing his requests with biblical verses to boost his collections during live sessions, the controversial preacher capitalized on the platform’s fundraising capabilities and the possibility of attracting millions of viewers to contribute to his cause.

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