Taxi driver narrates chilling details of how he drove Sharon Otieno to be killed in forest

The cabbie who took Sharon Otieno, a student at Rongo University, to the forest where she was savagely killed has given evidence in court.

The night of September 3, 2018, Jackson Otieno recalled being requested to meet a police officer to travel to Uriri to take up Michael Oyamo, the personal assistant of former Migori Governor Zachary Okoth Obado.

Otieno told Capital FM that after picking up Oyamo at around 6 p.m., they traveled to Rongo and stopped at the Gracia Hotel, where he went outside to speak to three people—two men and a woman.

According to the prosecution witness, the woman, whom he would later find out was Sharon was pregnant, and they all boarded the taxi after a short conversation.

The taxi driver said he drove for a few minutes to a nearby petrol station, where Oyamo met two men who got into the taxi and asked him to drive towards Kisumu.

After they arrived at Sondu, Otieno said he was ordered to stop, and the men got out of the car with Sharon and went into the forest with her.

“I was asked to switch off the engine and turn off the lights and also wait for them. The three men went into the forest with Sharon.

The man recalled that after around 20 minutes, the trio returned without the lady, and he tried inquiring why they had left her behind.

“They told me that they had taken her at home,” he told the court.
After they boarded the vehicle, the men asked him to drive them to Migori, but he dropped them at Uriri.

He drove home and later learned that the lady he had ferried to the Forest was Sharon.

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