Standard Guage Railway makes new changes following floods

In response to the floods, wash-aways, and landslides that occurred in Mombasa County, Kenya Railways has announced modifications to the Standard Gauge Railway’s (SGR) operations.

The organization said in a statement that there has been an unanticipated delay in the delivery of cargo to the Port of Mombasa and the evacuation of cargo from Mombasa and Nairobi.

“This has affected normal train operations, including cargo transfers, loading as well as offloading activities at the Port of Mombasa,” KR said.

Further, it said that a section of the SGR corridor between Mombasa Terminus and Mariakani has experienced a landslide which has resulted in the closure of the section for all freight trains.

“We are, however, allowing passenger trains to pass through the section, under limited speed restrictions and strict supervision.”

Following the continued floods, KR said there have also been delays in the departure and arrival of passenger trains at Mombasa Terminus, as safety measures are being put in place.

“Kenya Railways wishes to express its sincere gratitude for your continued support and trust in our services by choosing rail as your preferred mode of transport. We assure our esteemed customers that work is already ongoing to restore normal services as soon as possible,” part of the statement read.

“Our emergency plan has also been enhanced to respond to any issues arising from the acts of Mother Nature, as fast as possible, while ensuring safety is not compromised.”

Kenya Railways additionally affirmed that safety and reliability remain at the core of its operations.

“We understand the importance of ensuring that our passengers arrive and depart on schedule and that cargo is delivered safely and on time. We remain committed to keeping you updated throughout this process.”

The coastal city experienced floods on Friday with houses being submerged following El Nino rains.

Roads were also rendered impassible after the floods wreaked havoc in Bamburi.

Businesses were also at a standstill.

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