SHOCK as popular Gor Mahia fan Jaro Soja records dying mother, shares video online

Famous football fan and blogger Jaro Soja, real name Jared Abong’o, captured his mother’s final moments in a heartbreaking video before she passed away on November 16, 2023.

Jaro Soja captured on camera his relative frantically tending to his mother, who was lying on the floor in a semi-conscious state. He was told that she had been complaining of headaches, so he tried to keep her breathing with erratic CPR.

The mother seemed to be on her last breath, and she was listless.

The mother was seen in the heartbreaking video being transferred to a bed, where a doctor later started caring for her.

After the brief scene, a video showed her being bundled into a car and driven to an establishment possibly a mortuary, given that she was covered from head to toe—with haste.

Another video showed family members gathered in prayer, followed by a church service and a family get-together at which Siaya Governor James Orengo spoke to them at a homestead before the politician went to see the body.

Gor Mahia fan Jaro Soja records dying mother, shares video online
Gor Mahia fan Jaro Soja records dying mother, shares video online

In addition to sharing the video on TikTok and with close friends, Jaro Soja is using it to raise money for his mother’s burial in South Gem, Odendo Village, Siaya County, on December 9, 2023.

“How my mum collapsed and passed away on Thursday of 16th November 2023. Nilikua nimekaa Kwa nyumba yake halafu shemeji yangu akapiga nduru ati mum ameanguka, mimi kutoka nje nikapata the situation was worst. Eish! Go well mama. You will forever remain in our hearts,” said Jaro Soja.


“My mama will be laid to rest on 9th Dec 2023 in South Gem Odendo village in Siaya county. I will appreciate whatever little you will contribute to me. Kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba. Jaro soldier Gor Mahia 001. God bless.”

The video has drawn a range of responses, with some praising him and others criticizing him for sharing his mother’s final moments and depriving her of her dignity, particularly when the relative performed frantic CPR and lifted up her grey shirt, partially exposing her upper abdomen and chest.

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