SHOCK as Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter takes over actor’s Tiktok account

The late legend Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, Jasmine Okafor, has come under fire for allegedly taking over the deceased’s 1.1 million TikTok account under her name.

Blogger Tosin Silverdam claimed that Jasmine had taken control of the deceased actor’s TikTok account in a recent update.

Tosin demanded the reason for the rapid move, appearing to point at foul play in Mr Ibu’s death.

He also contrasted Jasmine Okafor’s personal Tiktok account, which has over 1 million followers, questioning her motives for taking down the actor’s page and all his videos.

However, Jasmine opened the actor’s account and managed it for him several years ago.

Reactions as Jasmine Okafor claims Mr Ibu’s TikTok account

moponz: “Bro, that was too fast, no remorse at all.”

iniilulu: “She used him so well, even when he was looking sick, she would leave him in front of the camera and title it live with Mr Ibu. We will come and gift him/her because we see Mr Ibu.”

hairbychybrand: “Wow!!! She did not even let him take his last breath in peace, wow.”

officiall_akpejil: “That babe needs to be arrested for questioning.”

hope_charles__:”This was what she was after all along. Did anyone think she actually cared for Mr Ibu?”

news_nook: “That lady did more than his wife could ever do. She brought him back to the limelight. Let her breathe.”

ruchi_isback: “Men should be learning. Stay in one place men, it is very important.”

Mr Ibu death

The veteran comic actor died at Evercare Hospital in Lagos where he was receiving treatment.

Before his death, the actor had health challenges at intervals for years and was recently amputated.

His fans have expressed shock at his demise, considering that most of them thought his health issues had been resolved.

Apart from the sickness, Ibu’s family has been in the public space for one drama or another, especially with his wife, son, and adopted daughter, Jasmine.

Source: Legit.ng

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