“Mungu aliniambia nitakufa” – Pastor Ezekiel opens up on his ‘impending death’

Pastor Ezekiel experienced a holy communion with God a few weeks ago.

He described the heavenly dialogue that took place during those holy moments as he stood in front of his followers.

“God told me I would die,” he declared.

According to the pastor, his departure date from this earth was set as February 2024.

In January, God’s voice had pierced the veil of mortality, revealing the impending event.

Pastor Ezekiel confided in only one person — Sarah, his wife.

“God told me I would die when?” Pastor Ezekiel posed the question to Sarah.
“In February,” she responded.

“Has God spoken with you like He did with Hezekiah?” he continued.

In retrospect, the New Life Prayer Centre and Church founder attributed his continued breath to a powerful event—the mega crusade in Kitengela.

“A bishop told me after the Kitengela crusade that what you have done has never been done. Another test is coming. One thing I was waiting for was an opportunity to give God what nobody can give,” he added.

According to him, the reason behind the absence of any crusade during that month was clear: he knew he would be dead.

A few days ago, the preacher baffled many after chasing away one of his female congregants who showed up indecently dressed.

The man of God paused his sermon to ask the worshipper to vacate the premises and go look for something decent to wear if she wanted to return to the house of God.

The lady tried explaining that she had nothing else to wear but the preacher was not hearing it.

Pastor Ezekiel angrily told the lady not to return should she not find something to wear.

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