Rozie, Viral Kenyan nanny in emotional farewell offered holiday gift

After videos of the Kenyan nanny Rozie leaving her Lebanese employers and their children in tears at the airport went viral, Rozie won over hearts on social media.

Her employers and their kids had become enamored with the hardworking nanny, and they did not want her to leave.

The kids sobbed and held on to Rozie in the TikTok video, hoping that she would reconsider and decide to stay.

Unusually for such departures, her employers were heard asking her to think about coming back to work for them.

Millions of people were moved by the heartwarming scene, which highlighted the close and priceless relationship that Rozah had with the kids she looked after.

Many commended the Kenyan caregiver for her diligent work after the touching video went viral and won the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

The CEO of Expeditions Maasai Safaris, who was impressed by her work ethic, extended an offer to her for a fully paid vacation as a reward for her outstanding performance.

“The kids’ tears spoke volumes about their deep and priceless bond with Rozah. As Expeditions Maasai Safaris, we’re determined to recognize, honour and reward Rozah’s dedication,” read his post.

Lebanese Family Gets Emotional as Kenyan Nanny Leaves

The CEO said that the company had to look for Rozie because she had demonstrated to the world what Kenyan workers are capable of.

The film brought to light the frequently disregarded contributions made by migrant workers, who are essential to providing care for families all over the world.

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