Revealed! List of Kenyan Celebrities and the grade they scored in KCSE

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) grades do not determine one’s success in life.

The belief that the most successful people are graduates is partly responsible for cheating in exams.

However, uneducated or less educated people in Kenya are more successful than educated ones.

A recent survey revealed that more uneducated men own houses than those who attended middle-level colleges and universities.

The Demographic and Health Survey 2022 revealed that 46.7% of men who own a house have no formal education, compared to 32.2% who have gone beyond secondary school. Three celebrities defied their KCSE grades to become successful in life.

In this article, we look at the grades scored by your favourite celebrities in KCSE and their success beyond the grades.

1.King Kaka

Rapper King Kaka was among the top KCSE students in 2006. An alumnus of Eastleigh High School and scored an A- in the exams.

He later joined the Kenya College of Accounts where he graduated with a degree in accounts.

2. Akothee

In January 2017, Akothee shared her touching journey from being a housewife for 10 years to going back to school and scoring a C+ in KCSE.

In an emotional post on Facebook, the singer even attached a photo of her KCSE exam slip.

3. Babu Owino

Babu Owino is one of the Kenyan political pioneers who appropriately went to class and scored passing marks taking everything into account.

Babu Owino now wants CBC abolished, say it's too costly
Babu Owino

Babu sat his KCSE exams at Kisumu Boys High School where he scored an A- minus of 79 points.

4. Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph first opened up about his KCSE grade in his song ‘Maombi Ya Mama’ where he talked about his life struggles, revealing that he got a D+.

Khaligraph Jones shows off his new multimillion mansion
Khaligraph Jones with his new multimillion mansion

5. Risper Faith

Instagram influencer Risper Faith, alias Lady Risper, admitted that she failed her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education national examinations but women who scored A grades keep asking her how she managed to succeed in life.

Risper Faith narrates how she faked accident to raise money from men

She revealed that she got a total of C minus in her KCSE.

6. Jalango

The celebrated media personality and politician revealed that he scored C+ in KCSE while speaking to Maseno students.

MP Jalang'o Enrolls For Master Degree At Dayster University

7. Wahu

Wahu scored a straight A in her KCSE. She later joined the University of Nairobi where she graduated with a degree in Mathematics.

She is a sensation in music and has been among the most consistent artists so far in the country. She is also a mother and wife to Nameless.

8. Fena Gitu

Speaking to Betty Kyallo, the sensational singer revealed that she scored an A- in K.C.S.E, however, she still regrets not scoring an A.

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