“Please stop looking for my mum” – Pritty Vishy warns young men thirsting over her mother

Purity Vishenwa, also known as Pritty Vishy on social media, has come to Instagram to address a recent problem that has upset her.

She expressed her displeasure with young guys who had sent messages to her mother, Emi Denyi, via the social networking platform.

Vishy chose to make a public statement in reaction to one specific individual who purported to have contacted her mother on Instagram.

She asked the young guys who were interested in her mother to stop and respect her.

“Young boys, please stop looking for my mum. She doesn’t have money to be a ‘sugar mummy.’ Just have some respect, jeez. This guy slid into my DMs and, after I didn’t respond, he decided to contact my mother. This is just wrong,” she wrote.

The situation appears to have compelled Vishy to publicly address the issue, making it clear that such actions are unwelcome and disrespectful.

It seems Vishy also runs and manages her mother’s social media accounts.

Vishy recently shared an emotional moment on her Instagram page when she reunited with her mother. This touching reunion took place at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

In a heartfelt video clip, Vishy was captured rushing towards her mother, who had just arrived in the country. Their emotional embrace, accompanied by tears of joy, was a testament to their profound bond.

Pritty Vishy overwhelmed in emotional reunion with her mother at JKIA |  Pulselive Kenya

The content creator, well-known for her past relationship with rapper Stivo Simple Boy, later disclosed that she had been separated from her mother since the age of 17.

“My mum left when I was in Form 2… it was hard since I had never been away from her… and finally she’s back. God, thank you so much. I am really grateful,” she wrote.

Vishy also narrated her mother’s challenges while raising her and her siblings after their father abandoned them. She revealed that her mother had to take on various manual jobs, including working as a matatu tout, to provide for the family.

Additionally, she shared that her mother had been working as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia since 2019.

“It was necessary for her to work as a tout because she had attended driving school and obtained a driving license. Working as a tout paid off well, as she could earn 2,000 Kenyan Shillings on a good day, or as low as 1,000 to 700 Kenyan Shillings on a bad day,” Vishy recounted.

She concluded by emphasising the significance of parental presence, stating, “Your presence matters as a parent. When you have a little, you share it with your children because they were there for you.”

The reunion and Vishy’s heartfelt post shed light on the enduring love and determination of a mother who made sacrifices to provide for her family and the unbroken emotional bond despite the distance.

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