Pritty Vishy explains why she wants to get married to rich man

Digital creator and influencer Pritty Vishy recently opened up about her desire to break the cycle of poverty in her family.

In a sit down with her mother on her YouTube channel, Vishy revealed that marrying a broke man was not in her plans.

“I don’t want to struggle like the way my mom did, I honestly don’t want to follow in my mother’s footsteps. I want to avoid the same struggles she went through. My goal is to be with a financially stable man who can provide for our family comfortably,” she expressed.

When asked about her potential contributions as a wife, Vishy emphasized that her roles as a wife and mother were sufficient, and she didn’t feel the need to do more.

She expressed her willingness to leave if her marriage deteriorated, or if her partner failed to provide for her and their children, asserting that she wouldn’t compromise her happiness.

“I bring nothing to the table, but me being your wife and giving birth is enough. If you are not a happy provider who will give me and our kids a happy life, then I am out,” Pritty Vishy asserted.

In a post on Father’s Day, Vishy revealed that she feared the thought of getting married blaming her biological father.

She disclosed that she was haunted by memories of growing up in a violent household, where her father subjected her mother to abuse.

“Father’s Day reminds you of how your father used to beat your mother in front of you,” she wrote.

“Some of us are afraid of marriage because of this.”

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