Police arrest another suspect masquerading as a lawyer

Eric Theuri, president of the Law Society of Kenya, reported the arrest of a suspected quack advocate by the Nairobi Rapid Response Team.

Theuri stated that the accused, a female, had impersonated one of the Advocates and was using a name that was almost identical to that of the real advocate in the records.

“She stole the identity of a real advocate and had forged a national identity under the alias and fake practising certificate to aid her illegal enterprise,” Theuri said.

“She is currently held at Capitol Police Station pending investigations and arraignment in Court.”

Theuri added that the society will not relent in the fight against unearthing people who are masquerading as advocates of the High Court.

“We thank our members for alerting us of this incident. The operation to rid masquerades will be intensive, thorough, and unrelenting,” he said.

The arrest comes days after Theuri called for the prosecution of Brian Mwenda who was flagged for allegedly impersonating an advocate.

Mwenda is believed to have appeared in court to represent his clients.

The LSK president said that the society is not aware of the cases Mwenda had presented in court before the revelation.

“We wish to correct the misleading information that is out in the public that Brian has won 26 cases, for the short period, it is virtually impossible to have participated in such a huge number of cases,” he added.

He added that the society will be changing the registration criteria adding that the data in its system was not compromised.

The Director of Public Prosecution Renson Ingonga through a statement on October 14, directed the Inspector General of the Police to investigate the issue and bring charges against Mwenda.

“Upon receipt of the inquiry, the ODPP shall undertake an independent review of the evidence, guided by the provision of the constitution,” he said.

Mwenda has however maintained that he is innocent of the accusations and that he would present himself if, called upon.

“The DPP has released a statement requesting an investigation to be done by IG. I am a law-abiding citizen and I am not going anywhere. we love the law, any place I will be needed, I’ll go,” he said.

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