Papa Shirandula actress Kawira resurfaces online after missing for years

Joy Karambu, better known as Kawira, of ‘Papa Shirandula,’ has addressed the speculation surrounding her recent absence and given information about her life, putting her fans’ anxieties to rest.

Kawira shocked her admirers in June 2022 when she revealed the difficulty in her marriage with Ephantus Safari.

She stated unequivocally that she had been unmarried for up to two years and had decided to quit the relationship. This discovery was made during a television interview.

Following this revelation, Kawira took a break from social media but made a remarkable return in May, showcasing her talent in a skit by the ‘Vitimbi’ crew during the 2023 Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Gardens.

Despite her appearances on the ‘Vitimbi’ show, fans still express their desire for more action from the beloved actress, reminiscent of her time on ‘Papa Shirandula.’

Recently, a curious fan posted Kawira’s signature photo where she was dressed in a school uniform, sparking inquiries about her whereabouts.

The post gained significant attention, reaching Kawira herself. Overjoyed at fans seeking updates about her.

She responded to the post with cheerful gratitude, stating, “Finally X natafutwa. (Finally, X is looking for me),” accompanied by laughing emojis.

When another X user inquired about her current location, Kawira assured her concerned fans that she was doing well and residing in Nairobi.

Responding with her characteristic humor, she playfully said, “Wewe aki ni mchokozi… Niko hii Nairobi yenu Tu. (You’re quite the instigator… I’m right here in your Nairobi),” she wrote.

Kawira talks about her love life

Kawira also addressed inquiries about her romantic life, confirming that she hasn’t found a new partner.

This update has brought relief to fans who have been eagerly awaiting news about her well-being and activities.

Here are some reactions from her X post.

@SemSabbato Is this you? I grew up watching Papa

@alf_254_Hebu tuma video ukiongea tuamini

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