Simtaki! Ngesh rejects Stevo Simple Boy’s love advances

Viral Gengetone artist Mary Wangeci, better known by her stage name Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze disagreed with Milele FM presenter Ankali ray after he asked about Stevo Simple Boy.

The ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ hitmaker gracefully declined a romantic proposal extended to her by fellow singer Stevo Simple Boy.

In a TikTok video that raised eyebrows, Stevo attempted to woo Ngesh with sweet words, only to be met with a resolute rejection.

Love, they say, has a way of finding its path even in the most unconventional of situations. Stevo Simple Boy took to TikTok, expressing his affection for Ngesh in a video that radiated affection.

With lovey-dovey overtones, the rapper made an earnest attempt to capture Ngesh’s heart, going all out in his virtual seduction.

Despite Stevo Simple Boy’s heartfelt overtures, Ngesh stood strong in guarding the fortress of her heart.

During an interview with Ankali Ray on Milele FM, Ngesh emphatically conveyed her lack of interest in Stevo, irrespective of his amorous intentions.

The interview took an intriguing turn as Ankali Ray delved into the matter, asking Ngesh directly about Stevo’s intentions.

“Sasa wewe unamtaka Stevo Simple Boy?” Ankali Ray inquired, referencing the video where Stivo professed his affection for Ngesh.

Ngesh’s response was clear and succinct: “Mi namtaka aje aii? How? Nakuambia ata video sijaona.”

Ankali added another layer to the conversation by revealing that Stivo had indeed expressed his interest. “Ndo nakuambia yeye amesema anakutaka lakini,” Ankali s

“Achana na yeye,” Ngesh responded

The topic of her boyfriend came up, and Ngesh confirmed that she is seeing someone.

“Mi nko na mtu,” she replied when asked about her relationship status.

She emphasized that her loyalty to her boyfriend was steadfast and unwavering. “Mi sikuangi na second thought,” she firmly stated.

The spotlight on Ngesh has at times led to misconceptions about her identity. With her distinctive style challenging conventional norms, some speculated about her membership in the LGBTQ+ community.

Addressing these speculations, Ngesh candidly revealed that she was not familiar with the acronym “LGBTQ” and refuted any such affiliation.

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