Nairobi man selling smokies helps woman to give birth

A 27-year-old man who sells street foods like smokies and samosas in Nairobi has been celebrated as a hero for his act of assisting a pregnant woman to safely give birth on the roadside.

According to the heartwarming report aired on NTV Kenya, the young man named Dominic Gekonge helped the pregnant woman who suddenly went into labour pains while on the road.

Gekonge narrated that the mothers who were at the scene sent him to quickly call a doctor, but upon reaching the doctor, he was told that the doctor was busy.

Upon returning, those mothers were waiting for him, asking if he had found the doctor, and that’s when he saw the pregnant woman overwhelmed, prompting him to take the initiative to help her give birth, despite having no medical expertise.

“I went back and found them waiting for the doctor. Looking down, the baby’s feet were already out, there was no other option, so I had to return to the hospital to get a razor and the doctor also gave me some clips that were there,” he explained.

“Upon returning, I found the mother there struggling to get up, saying the baby’s feet were out. I asked to see and indeed, the baby’s feet were out, but the head remained inside. There was no doctor, just two other mothers and me.

I held the nose and mouth as I saw doctors doing with my wife during childbirth, and that’s how the baby came out,” Dominic further recounted.

After assisting her in giving birth safely, they called a car and took the mother and baby to the hospital, both safe and sound.

The smokie vendor, after completing the whole ordeal, turned into a hero and was celebrated by the mothers who had gathered at the scene.

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