Nairobi lady rewards kind boda boda rider with 5OO/ for returning lost phone

A boda boda man from Embakasi has won praise from coworkers and internet users for his sincere and charitable act of returning a stolen phone to its rightful owner.

Many people commented that the individual going by the name of Njuki was the epitome of integrity and decency in a field notorious for its rogue operators.

The honest rider was seen conversing with the owner who had come to collect it in the footage that Derrick Mbugua uploaded.

“Not all boda boda riders are bad. I want to appreciate this boda boda rider Mr Njuki from Embakasi, Kobil, for returning this lady’s phone,” read the caption by Mbugua.
The woman recounted her frantic search for the phone, which contained valuable personal data and cherished memories.

As expected, the phone owner must have feared the worst when she noticed the phone was missing, but her fears were allayed when the rider told her it was in safe hands.Asked what made him return the handset, Njuki explained that he has his own phone and didn’t need to keep someone else’s.

Njuki revealed that he was going about his business when he spotted the handset ringing on the ground, upon which he picked it and started looking for the owner.

When he was asked what he wanted as a reward, he asked for KSh 500, a figure that onlookers agreed was fair.

“That figure is very okay because someone else would not have returned it,” one of them is heard saying.
In a world where honesty is rare, Njuki’s admirable choice to return the smartphone proved that humanity still exists.

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