Murang’a lady who tattooed Mike Sonko’s face on her thigh wants a hug from him

Woman from Muranga Maryanne Njoki has discussed her motivation for getting the tattoo of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

The 31-year-old woman confessed to Nicholas Kioko that she admired Sonko for his altruistic deeds.

She acknowledged that Sonko immediately assisted her aunt, for which she will always be grateful.

“He helped my aunt when Sinai got burnt.”

The lady noted she did not tattoo the politician to trend as she loved him. She is yet to meet him.

“I just love him for the way he helps people and then I decided to tattoo him so that I can see him all the time. When I shower, I see him, when I wear shorts I see him. I love him alot. I used KSh 5,000. ”

For her, only a warm hug from Sonko would calm her.

“I was not even thinking of meeting him when I got the tattoo. I heard that he asked for my number. When I meet him, I would tell him that I love him for his work and he should not tire because there are so many people who still need his help. I work in a market in Murang’a. If he accepts a hug when we meet I would be happy the ones who would talk let them talk… a tight one.”

When asked whether her lover disapproves of her tattoo of another man, Njoki said she did not care for that.

She disclosed that she shows them the tattoo on the first date, and if someone is bothered by it, they could end the relationship.

“Sonko is not my man but I love him. The haters can keep talking I am not afraid… If a man gets angry that is his own problem. First, when a man hits on me I tell them that I have a tattoo on my thigh of Sonko. If they are not okay with that I can as well stay single.”

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