“Unatuma pesa zinareversiwa” – Mulamwah accuses Carol Sonnie of rejecting his child support

Mulamwah, a Kenyan comedian has answered after his baby mama Carrol Muthoni alleged he is a deadbeat dad to their daughter Keilah.

Mulamwah stated that it is difficult to support the young girl because his efforts are never recognized.

Mulamwah claimed on Instagram that his baby mama has been returning any help he has given.

“I try to support but ni hard. Unatuma pesa zinareversiwa ata birthday nimetuma gift ikarudishwa. So inakuwa tricky sana sijui shida iko wapi jameni.”

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie parted ways in a public breakup in 2021. The comedian claimed that carol cheated on him with another guy and went ahead to share the details on social media.

The two had quite a fallout and early this year, Carol accused Mulamwah of being a Deadbeat Father to their daughter Keilah.

On Keilah’s first birthday last year, The comedian expressed his love for his daughter in a social media post, wishing her the best of health as she grows up.

The comedian also sent a message to his baby mama, Carol Sonie, saying that they should improve their communication and co-parenting skills for the sake of their child’s future.

“HBD rainbow baby kalamwah. Baraka tele. TO MANY MORE YEARS OF GROWTH & GOOD HEALTH. We will one day meet and talk once you have a brain of your own. Asante lakini mama k kwa kumlea vizuri, just make it easier to co-parent akae fiti – let’s not have happy pictures online with sad realities.”

He went on to say that they should not use their baby as bait on social media to entice fans and social masqueraders with malicious intent.

Recently, Keilah turned two and Mulamwah did not celebrate her birthday on social media.

He also hinted at expecting a baby with his bestie Ruth K. Reacting to the news, Carol Sonie made a comment that humorously insinuated Mulamwah’s impending fatherhood.

In her comment, she insinuated that Mulamwah might become a father, which playfully references their past disputes concerning whether Keilah is Mulamwah’s child.

“Keilah is not my kid wamepata mtoto,” Carol Sonie wrote.

In a previous interview with Kioko, Carol had mentioned that she did not want to discuss co-parenting issues with Mulamwah, as they had moved on from that phase.

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