Monica Kimani’s mother urges court to sentence Jowie Irungu to death

Monica Kimani’s mother has called for the death penalty for her killer, Jowie Irungu, after her daughter was brutally murdered. Monica’s lifeless body was found in Lamuria Gardens, Kilimani, on September 19, 2018.

Monica’s mother, who is the most affected, urged the court to pass the capital punishment, stating it is natural justice for those who take another person’s life.

“She had an emotional breakdown expressed in wailing that interrupted the interview for a while,” he said.

Monica’s mother has had a hard time coping with the events of September 18 often questioning why her daughter had to suffer such a cruel death, the report says.

“She was always at peace with everyone and earned an honest living,” she said.

Kanyutu reports that Monica’s death has affected the mother’s physical health in that she suffered prolonged depression and a stroke.

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The officer explains that the family members are at different coping levels, though nothing can really erase their pain.

Monica’s father, Bishop Paul Ngarama, said the court should be guided by the scriptures when passing the sentence.

He quoted a verse from the book of Proverbs which states that “the wicked will never go unpunished.”

Monica’s younger brother, George Kimani, maintains that Jowie was rightfully convicted.

He says Jowie was never a straightforward person.

He describes him as deceptive, violent and provocative. Monica was the firstborn in a family of three.

Even as the family pushed for capital punishment, Jowie pleaded with the court to be lenient with him. From the report, Jowie continues to remain in denial over his conviction for the gruesome murder.

“I am deeply shocked and depressed to be linked with the murder,” he said when interviewed by the probation officer.

Jowie is the last born in a family of four. His family also still believes he is innocent but they have painfully accepted the conviction.

Monica Kimani's mother urges court to sentence Jowie Irungu to death
Monica Kimani’s mother urges court to sentence Jowie Irungu to death

Kanyutu in his report notes that: “His family expressed deep empathy to the family of the deceased and hoped God will be able to manifest the real perpetrator of the offence. They hope and pray the court will be lenient in meeting the sentence.”

According to the report, Jowie was born on November 20, 1990 and grew up in Mwariki area in Nakuru county where the family lived. He studied for a diploma in food production and completed in 2011.

He then moved to Dubai where he secured a job in the security sector. He received tactical military training offered by Dubai Police Academy and Ogara Group, a security firm that had its presence in the United Kingdom, Dubai and several European countries.

Monica Kimani's mother urges court to sentence Jowie Irungu to death
Monica Kimani’s mother urges court to sentence Jowie Irungu to death

Jowie was at the time of the offense planning to formalise his relationship with Maribe.

But efforts to reach Maribe to substantiate this claim were not fruitful.

And although his family vouched for his character, the findings of the probation officer portrayed Jowie as someone who has double personality traits.

“From the findings, his main criminogenic risk factors are lack of stable partner relationship and antisocial pattern personality manifested by living on edge, often being impulsive and thrill-seeking behaviours, use of anger or aggression to control others or to get what he wants” the report reads.

Kanyutu in conclusion recommended the court to “exercise its discretion in meting out the sentence that takes in consideration sentiments of the victim’s family as well as those of the offender.”

The DPP on the other hand prayed that the court imposes a death sentence.

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