Mimi ni yatima! Popular luo musician begs Kenyans to raise 500K for him

Atommy Sifa, once a well-known singer in the Luo land, is now a peasant farmer in his hometown of Kendu Bay.

The musician, best known for hits like Obama, Migingo and Adori Big G,” revealed his struggles during an emotional interview with TUKO.co.ke, where he shared how life has taken an unexpected turn since losing his band equipment.

As a result, the once-thriving musician was left with no choice but to turn to small-scale farming to support himself and his family.

In a heartfelt plea, Sifa called upon his fans and fellow Kenyans to lend a helping hand and assist him in getting back on his feet.

He disclosed that he needs approximately KSh 500,000 to acquire the necessary musical instruments to revive his passion for music.

Describing the challenges he faces, Atommy explained:

“Life has been so tough. I am just doing farming here in the village. I have pleaded with my fellow artistes to support me, but none have heard my plea. I am a total orphan”

The artiste revealed the specific equipment he needs to reignite his music career: three guitars, two baseline speakers, four mid-full-range speakers, a drum set, a keyboard, a power amplifier, a mixer, and microphones.

“I need three guitars; each costs 2800. Two baseline speakers worth KSh 200,000, four mid full range at 320k, a drum set at 78,000, a keyboard at 66k, a power amplifier worth 100,000, a mixture 80,000, and microphones,” Atommy emotionally said.

Popular luo musician begs Kenyans to raise 500K for him
Popular luo musician begs Kenyans to raise 500K for him

These essential tools would allow him to rebuild his band and create new melodies that have the potential to touch the hearts of many once again.

You can contact Atommy Sifa at 0725 763370.

Atommy Sifa Bleaching

The Homa Bay based superstar bleached his skin in 2008, a transformation that pretty much worked for him. Eleven years later, social media users are attacking him like he underwent the procedure yesterday.

Atommy Sifa bragging on Facebook Group True Luos has got him in hot soup. The vitriol that has followed will humble even those with a stone heart. In response to the flurry of abuses, Atommy Sifa responded:

“Mind your business omera pod aloi mabor sana tobe bed ka ing’etoni onge gima inyalo loko kuoma katadichiel

Badala uangalie maisha yako na familia yako iskie vizuri, wewe umekazana kutusi ATOMMY SIFA Shem on you…..
Hahaaa mimi niko na pesa naskia poa n naenjoy life into in golundi nono ni iwacho kisungu Shem on you once more……
I HAVE MONEY N I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT ON MY BODY Achana kushinda ukifuatilia maisha yangu bana mind your business hatakama ni kubleach sijazuia mtu kubleach na pia siishi kwako fala wewe……
Many Moki bwana kotami to bed mos kech ochami

(Loosely translated: Take care of family and yourself instead of using your energy to abuse Atommy Sifa-shame on you…. I have money and I enjoy myself, once again shame on you…I have money and can do anything I wish on my body. Mind your business, and if I have bleached, I haven’t stopped you from doing the same)

The artist disputed claims that his mother was against his decision to bleach saying she died when he was 2 years old while is dad passed on when he was only 11 years.

Atommy Sifa Scandals

In 2017, the artist went against the political grain and composed a song in praise of Uhuru Kenyatta. The song, Uhuru Nyale, (Uhuru is capable) was extremely bold in a region that supported opposition chief Raila Odinga.

Attommy claimed that goons attacked his shop and promised to teach him a lesson for casting the former Prime minister. He said at the time:

“I also want to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to Raila and the entire Luo community. I want them to know and understand that I had no bad intentions and was only out to make a living…..”

The artist claimed he was paid only kes40,000 out of the kes500,000 he was promised for the song by the Jubilee regime.

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