“Life is so good” – Mike Sonko’s daughter opens up on relocating to UK

Sandra Sonko, Mike Sonko’s daughter, has been in the UK for a month.

According to photos on his social media, she was on her way to the University of Brighton to study.

With a poignant letter, the politician saw farewell his youngest daughter at the airport.

Sandra was accompanied by her mother who had offered to keep her company for four months.

“Dear daughter, I want you to know how proud I am of the adventurous spirit within you. Watching you spread your wings and embark on this exciting journey to study abroad fills me with happiness for all the opportunities and experiences that await you.

Yet, at the same time, a part of me feels a profound sadness, realizing how much I’ll miss your presence, our daily conversations, and the warmth of your smile. ”

Sandra has been showing small clips of how her life is going abroad. She also engaged her fans in an IG Q&A about it.

“How is life?” A fan asked for an update. She obliged saying

“Life is so good rn”

A second fan wanted to know what the young girl is missing “What and who do you miss the most at home?”

“My dog ” Responded Thicky Sandra.

Sandra will be away for four years in the UK. She graduated from St Austin’s Academy in Nairobi. Thicky also commented about what she misses back home

“How are you coping with homesickness?”

“I’m not homesick at all” she reacted with a laughing smiley. Another fan wanted to know the earliest she would return.

“When will you be back in Kenya? they asked

“Soon when you see me on the streets say hey,” She said.

“Have you lightened your skin?” wondered another fan about her glowing skin.

“No the UK weather is doing me good”

Thicky has several cars including a Range Rover and A Mercedes in Kenya. But that’s not the case in the UK

‘Do you have a car in London?”

“I’m buying one in December” She is also adapting to the new environment and culture as she indicated in another question.

“Is it easy making friends in a foreign country? How is that going for you so far?”

“Personally for me, it is because I’m a very social person but so far so good” continued Sandra.

“Are you dating?”

She gave a blank stare

“Would you date a broke guy?”

“What are those?”

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